Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Job Classifieds Tips

If you have ever placed a classified ad to try to find a new employee or fill a job vacancy you may have had a hard time finding the right person fit the position. Although classified ads can reach a huge audience, if your ad is not written well you may not attract the type of person you are looking for. If you know how to write a great ad your chances of attracting the right person for your job opening will increase. You can check out classified websites such as InetGiant.com to see which ads are the most appealing.

*Make sure your employment ad has an attractive title. This is normally the job title of the position plus a short line designed to grab the attention of job seekers.

*Mentioning the name of your business, company, or recruitment firm is not always a good idea. Unless you are a well know business that everyone wants to work with, including your name may cause potential employees second thoughts because of pre-conceived ideas about your company, industry, or sector.

*Make sure you state your requirements with the response you expect in mind. If you are expecting a large response, stating specific criteria will get you the most qualified responses. If you need to broaden your response, make your requirements looser because many otherwise qualified people will not respond if they feel like they don’t meet one requirement.

*List all of the rewards of the job. Salary and benefits are not the only perks of a job and training, development opportunities, travel or career advancement can also be enticing to potential employees.

*Your employment ad needs to be professional and free of errors. Just as spelling and grammar errors will make you overlook a potential employee, your ad will be overlooked if it has mistakes. Be sure to include clear contact information including a telephone number and email address.

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